Sunday, November 24, 2013

Summer comes to a close, school's in full swing...

The Second Annual Max's Fun Run {For Fun} was even more successful than the first year.  And it lived up to its name...totally FUN!  So grateful for wonderful, supportive friends.

I surprised the kids with a Back to School Feast.  I had dinner set up at a park and then they came with Ty.  It was simple and really sweet.  That will be a repeat tradition.

Annnnd....then I had to send TWO of my babies to school!  Kelly started Kindergarten this year {wah!}  But she was SO excited and SO ready that it made it a little easier to send her out into the cold, cruel world. :)  Both kids wanted {and LOVE} skinny jeans.  That's all they wear these days.

Max started 2nd Grade this year {say wha?!} and found out a week before school that his teacher from last year wouldn't be looping up like she had planned.  That meant a new teacher and lots of emotions for Maxwell T. Ty wrote him a poem to help calm his nerves and get him excited for the year; he's the best dad! Max has Mrs. Giese and came home from school the first day and cried and cried in my arms.  She is different from his teacher last year, of course, and he couldn't imagine liking her, let alone loving her. The next day I had him take a teacher gift and within a few weeks he was liking his he LOVES her.  Phew!

Kelly decided to ride the Kindergarten bus {just picks up to take to afternoon kindergartners so they can have a bus experience even though we live 2 minutes from the school}.  I was totally that parent who put her on the bus, drove to the school, and took pictures of her getting off of the bus.  I'm not ashamed!  She has LOVED school and is happy to go every day.   I love this girl so much and admire her maturity and determination to learn.

This n' That

Tucker "helped" pick blackberries (1 in the bowl, 10 in the mouth)

Kelly girl lost her first TWO teeth at the same time!  We were running late to soccer and I asked her to get her water.   A few minutes later I looked at her hands and she was holding the bottle, but no water in it.  I said I would get it and just as I turned to go to the sink I realized she had a strange/shocked look on her face.  So I turned back around and saw that her mouth was filled with blood and her eyes were HUGE. I quickly found that both of her bottom teeth (which had been slightly loose) were hanging by a thread.  We got them out and it took a long time to get the bleeding under control.  Kelly had tried to get the lid off with her teeth because it was too tight to do with her hands.  We were late to soccer, but she was SO proud.

We created a treasure hunt for the kids' friends.  It was really fun!  Bought some "treasures" from the Dollar Store, some treats, and made some fun clues.  We loved it!

We went on a Labor Day Hike to Murhut Falls with our dear friends, the Lintons